5 Ways to Make Your Condo Seem Bigger

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Downtown Ann Arbor has always been characterized by its lively atmosphere, convenience to many shops, and its location to the University of Michigan — which is why it has become such a popular area to live in. However, as some people might find, not every condo in Ann Arbor is as spacious as a regular home, and making the transition might be hard. No matter what reason you have for living in a small space, you’ll undoubtedly have to make some compromises between decorating and furniture. However, we’ve provided some interesting tips to make your condo seem as big as a regular house. And if you’ve been thinking about selling your condo, this might be the perfect solution to increasing your sales potential.

5 Ways to Make Your Condo Seem Bigger

1. Use Light Colors for Visual Expansion

A lot of local experts will tell you to use light color tones to help the room visually expand, but we’d like to make an addition to this statement. If you use “cool” colors like a soft sky blue on the walls, it will help them visually “recede,” fooling the eye into thinking there’s more space. Overall, your mindset will be happier and feel more comfortable with lighter, warmer colors. Softer paint tones also provide furniture and artwork a neutral background to complement.

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by The Lettered Cottage

2. Utilize As Much Natural Light As Possible

Letting the sun in doesn’t just warm up your Ann Arbor condo, it adds character. Don’t believe me? See the difference when you add dark curtains to your window and remove them. The overall setting of your condo will drastically transform into a warmer, more inviting place — which is great when selling. Natural light brightens up your condo space and makes everything seem more open. If you don’t have much natural light coming in, you can utilize what windows you do have and add mirrors around the room. Each mirror will reflect the light and add a little sparkle to the room that you didn’t have before.

3. Smaller Prints & Plain Color Rugs Are Best

By hanging smaller prints on your walls and laying down rugs with plain, solid colors, it helps create a “unified” effect that visually expands the condo space. Continuation, if you don’t mind the word play, keeps the eye from noticing the real size of the room. If you put different colored paintings, rugs, and curtains, the eye would catch the difference and begin to notice the lack of size.

4. Go With Multi-Purpose Furniture

One of the first things you’ll try to do to make your condo seem bigger is by scaling back on your furniture. Obviously, smaller furniture will give you more space, but in our opinion, you don’t need to do all this necessarily. What you should look for is multi-purpose furniture. This way, you can avoid the overall clutter of furniture. One example we like to use is the treasure chest (doubled as coffee table). You can place some stuff inside, but also use it as a regular table in your living room. Pieces like this give your condo a unique character, but are also practical.

Ann Arbor Condo for Sale
by Studio Sarah Willmer

5. Half Empty Shelves = Good

In a small space every nook and cranny is drastically important and needed, but if you’re selling your condo and you want it to appear extremely spacious, try taking some clutter off the shelves. By leaving some shelves half empty, you can create an “airy” and dramatic look that potential buyers might love.

Selling Your Condo

Ann Arbor condos are all highly-desired, but if you want yours to be set apart from the rest, employ some of our “spacious” techniques and you’ll instantly see a dramatic lift in buyer interest. Even if you’re not selling, it still creates a more open space for you to call home, which you’ll enjoy everyday. If you have any questions about selling your Ann Arbor condo, don’t hesitate to contact us in the free form below!

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