Want to Sell Your Home? Clear the Clutter

One of the greatest challenges to getting a home sold quickly and for top dollar is clutter. Many homeowners don’t realize the impact clutter has on a home sale and in buyers’ minds. From a single first impression, the clutter stacked around your home could drive away buyers and leave your home sitting on the market. In order to get the best offers, here are some tips to help you get rid of the clutter and sell for top value:

Ann Arbor Cluttered Home
by Nicole Lanteri, On My Agenda LLC

Clean Out the Clutter

When a person is looking at houses they want to be able to see how their belongings will look in the new house and that can be a bit difficult if there is not a single space clear anywhere. Even a little bit of clutter can make home buyers lose interest in your home, so it is best to eliminate anything that you do not absolutely need before showing your home.

Depending on the season, since it does snow quite a bit in Ann Arbor, you may have shovels and salt on the front porch. these should be moved when showing your home to show exactly how much room is on your porch. It is very important to do a once over of the walkways before you put them away so that there is no ice for anyone to slip on. Even if you normally keep your coats and boots near the front door, they should be put away when showing you home because with them there, the first thing someone sees in your house is clutter.

Don’t Over Decorate

While it can be a great idea to place decorations around your home, more than a few vases of flowers and a few pictures would be over doing it. Tons of pictures on the wall and a vase of flowers everywhere possible may look great to you, but it may seem like you are trying just a little too hard to prospective buyers. And if it does not fit their taste there is a chance that they may not like it. It is best to let the house speak for itself.

Don’t Forget About the Garage

The inside of your home may be perfect, but do not forget that most prospective home buyers will want to see the inside of your garage to see how much room is in there. Many people just cram everything into the garage and don’t really worry about it. If you have too much stuff in there and you have nowhere else to store it, it may be a good idea to get a storage unit.

De-Cluttering Your Ann Arbor Home & Selling

If you follow these tips for de-cluttering your home you should have no problem getting your home to stand out from the massive amount of homes on the market. This will hopefully get your home sold quick for the price that you want. To learn more information about selling your home in the Ann Arbor area, contact us or read our free home seller’s eBook:

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