Chelsea Real Estate Market Trend Stabilizing in Price Per Square Foot Over Two Year Period

Chelsea real estate market is stabilizing, oh-so-slightly, with an upward trend.  I am so delighted to provide you with this encouraging news.  Sales are continuing to be seasonally steady and this has both Sellers and REALTORS very happy.

Chelse, Michigan, Clock Tower

The Linear (Average Sale Price per Square Foot) is up approximately $1.00 per sq. ft. on the linear line from the same time one year ago. This is just an indicator and will fluctuate right along with the number of homes sold each month but at least we are beginning to see some stability in the real estate market.  Though the number of homes sold is down approximately 20% from last year in Chelsea, our linear line is still headed in an upward direction in Sale Price per Square Foot.  No one’s complaining about this news as the trend is staying relatively stable and not declining.  We are looking optimistically to the New Year.

Buyers as well as Sellers should pay close attention to these indicators.  While trends are showing small signs of a recovery, it’s a great time to take the next step to home ownership or listing your home for sale.  Call to schedule an appointment.

I would like to thank Peter W. Hendershot, State Licensed Real Estate Appraiser, Business Development Manager, Affinity Valuation Group for putting this chart together for all of us to analyze.  This data is shared with your local REALTORs, lenders, builders and lawyers so we can assist our clients.

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