What To Do At Bandemer Park In Ann Arbor, MI

Bandemer Park is located in the Michigan city of Ann Arbor and is nestled on a reclaimed patch of wood and prairie land on the banks of the Huron River. As one of the newest parks in the city, created on land bought by the city in 1985, Bandemer Park has some entertaining activities for visitors alongside a large area of woodland with walking and cycling trails. On the eastern side of the Huron River the Argo nature area runs almost parallel to Bandemer Park on the western banks of the river with both parks offering spectacular views of the river from long, unpaved walking trails.

Argo Nature Park

What Makes Bandemer Park Interesting

At just under 37 acres of parkland Bandemer Park is part of the Washtenaw County Border to Border Trail and sits at the northern edge of Ann Arbor. Bought using funds given to the city by Ted and Mary Bandemer the park named after them has evolved to include a large number of different amenities, including a nine hold disc golf course and dirt trail bike course. One of the major reasons to visit Bandemer Park is the availability of leisure areas like picnic tables and grills for use by the general public.

Boating and canoe activities are popular amongst the visitors to both Bandemer Park and the Argo Nature Area. On the eastern banks of the Huron River the Argo Nature Area is home to the canoe rental center and canoe launch allowing access to the Huron River. For those wishing to experience a more competitive boating experience the Ann Arbor Rowing Club has its headquarters in the southern portion of Bandemer Park.

The Nature Area

It is impossible to discuss the Bandemer Park and Argo Nature Area without mentioning the vast variety of plant life and landscapes that make up the area. The 22 acre Argo Nature Area is home to two distinct regions divided into the northern and southern regions of the park; in the north black oaks and shagbark hickory trees dominate, while in the southern portion of the Argo visitors can walk among the willow and basswood that make up the park. Across the river in the Bandemer Park a number of distinct landscapes have been created from the filled in former river bed, which makes up the majority of the 36.9 acres. With non native species introduced to populate the parkland former fields have been reclaimed alongside dry prairie land; other regions of the park are made up of wetland areas of trees and shrubs.

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