Ann Arbor’s Walkability Score – Is it Your Paradise?

Driving has always been one of America’s odd pastimes, with week-long road trips from coast to coast, but sometimes we just want to leave our car behind and walk. Maybe that’s why the downtown area has become so popular with local residents in Ann Arbor. The “walk-able” character of the city has always appealed to those wanting to forget the hassle of traffic and be conveniently located near the university campus, local grocery stores, and favorite restaurants. The charm of any downtown is always determined by it’s “walk score,” and Ann Arbor can proudly tell everyone it scored a 98 out of 100.

Ann Arbor Walkability

Ann Arbor’s Walk Score

Ann Arbor – A Walker’s Paradise

With a walk score of 98, this means you can easily run daily errands without a car. From your downtown loft or condo, you can enjoy a hot coffee one block down the street or see a movie behind your complex. The University of Michigan’s campus is nearby, allowing college students to easily get to class and find what they need. For those who just enjoy living in the city, grocery stores and local marketplaces are all located within a short walking distance — giving you the relaxation of going at your own pace. You don’t need to deal with driving, filling the tank up, or mess with traffic.

Ann Arbor’s Scores

  • Walk Score = 98
  • Bike Score = 99
  • Transit Score = 65

With top scores like this, it’s easy to see why living in downtown Ann Arbor is so pleasurable. Schools, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars are located in one central hub that you can easily get to. However Ann Arbor’s scores are complemented by great places to live. Condo complexes like Liberty Lofts and Sloan Plaza introduce residents to comfortable living matched with unique amenities. Not only is the city at your command, but you also have access to swimming pools, exercise rooms, and breathtaking views. Everything you’ve ever wanted is at your doorstep — literally, so why not give downtown Ann Arbor real estate a look. Search our current listings below:

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