Ann Arbor’s Summer Festival 2013

Get in the right groove and get ready for Ann Arbor’s Summer Festival, starting June 14th and lasting through July 7th. It’s the one place where you can catch all the latest music, art, and theater — played live from some of the best groups in the nation. It’s also one of the best time to enjoy Ann Arbor’s outdoors, as you rock with fellow residents and have a blast with friends. See what Ann Arbor is bringing you this year!

Ann Arbor Summer Festival

2013 Ann Arbor Summer Festival

The 2013 Ann Arbor Summer Festival will present a wide range of artistic talents from across the world. The festival will be held from Friday June 14th to Sunday July 7th. The Ann Arbor Summer Festival provides several outdoor free events at Top of the Park, including several events for children. The indoor events require tickets to attend and can be purchased at the University of Michigan. Each year, the festival strives to be eco-friendly encouraging food and beverage vendors to use biodegradable packaging and cups. In addition, several events are organized for children to teach them about the environment and ways to contribute back to nature. The 2013 festival has several events scheduled that will bring a diversity of many styles of art and performances for the attendees of the event.

Music and Dance

An up and coming foursome from Edinburgh, Django Django, will perform. The band released their first album last year that was met with positive reception for their collaboration of eighties and sixties pop music. A European dance group, “Les 7 Doigts de la Main”, will perform their acrobatic dance performance. This group is well-renowned for performing during the Winter Olympics at Turin and has performed in twenty-five different countries.

Unique Events

Several events that provide a unique style of art will also be presented during this year’s festival. A CGI event, titled Superhero, allows participants to become their own superhero and act out super powers on a big screen. Another event, Tangle, is a family oriented event that incorporates spontaneous creations by weaving different colored ribbons together to create one big piece of art. This event allows individuals to participate and create their own unique visions while having fun with family and friends.


The Ann Arbor Summer Festival was founded by Eugene Power in 1984. With help from the University of Michigan and the city of Ann Arbor, the first festival featured several movies and theater performances. Over time, the festival developed into a diversified event that featuring music, dancing, art exhibits, and theatrical performances. The festival is a great opportunity for established artists to present their talents. It is also a great opportunity for new and upcoming artists to perform. Some performers are local residents while others have traveled from across the world to share their talents.

Wrapping Up Events

Each year, the Ann Arbor Summer Festival strives to become bigger and better providing more events and opportunities for the citizens of Ann Arbor. The festival is known as one of the biggest multi-art festivals in the nation, and with its unique events and community participation, it can only continue to grow with each coming year. If you want to make sure you catch it every year, move on down to the Ann Arbor area. Search our current real estate listings today and find the right place to call home!

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