Ann Arbor Lewis Jewelers is 90 Years Old

Lewis Jewelers is 90 years old.  Wow!

People want to do business and spend time with people they like and trust. You build that type of friendship/business relationship over time, through common interests and by who you know.  So I was thrilled to be invited to Lewis Jewelers annual dinner at Weber’s to mingle with people I have come to trust and some great Ann Arborites.

It was nice to see some familiar faces, David and Rosemary Lewis, DK, Fred, Jonathan, Keith, Janice, Lucinda, Heidi, Susan, Beverly, Bonnie, and Ron. The staff is salaried so you never feel pushed into buying something.

I was very interested to learn about the cutting techniques explained by Brian from Hearts on Fire.  They say they have the world’s most perfectly cut diamond.  These diamond crystals are taken from the mine and cut and polished at 100x magnification, 10 times the industry standard making them “dance” even in low light.  I tried on a bracelet fit for a Queen, alas, not for my budget.

According to Hearts on Fire, the cut is the single most important factor in determining the beauty of a diamond.  Their diamonds had more facets and reflect more light than the standard cut diamond.  They only choose diamonds from conflict-free sources that are compliant with international trade laws.  What an amazing interactive class I had.

Lisa from Roberto Coin was very kind to let me wear a stunning pave diamond necklace from their collection and then to sport a black diamond necklace, which I wore through dinner and felt like royalty, or imagined what that felt like.  This Italian jewelry designer hides a ruby in each piece, allowing direct contact with the skin.  It is believed to promote long life blessedwith health and happiness.

I promise to return to Lewis Jewelers, a place I trust, with people who have a passion for their customers and their product lines.  There is a good reason it is always busy there.  If you have not visited them at 2000 W. Stadium Blvd, I suggest you do so.  The web is or call them 734-994-5111.

A Special Thanks for a Wonderful Evening Guys!   I am so happy to call Ann Arbor my home.