Ann Arbor Realtors provide consumer real estate search site for Ipads and Smart Phones is being adopted by buyers on ipads and smart phones like iphones, droids, making it easy forHome Search Mobile them to find houses in Washtenaw County and nearby.  Many buyers like to know what houses are selling for and like seeing the data instantly while in front of houses.  They can see inside and find out the price history too.  Watch video and see screen shots of HomeSearchAnnArbor… action.

From your phone or tablet, go to  on the bottom right side it says mobile search, click that link and you will see the house icon, just open and search the Ann Arbor Area Board like REALTORS.

We love Ann Arbor and wwelcome newcomers.  According to Robert Franek, senior vice president, publisher and author of Princeton Review‘s recently released 21st edition Best Colleges guidebook. In the book he lists what he called “key factors” that make a college town a great town for students, including: good location, weather and public transportation; a beautiful environment; friendly people; access to and availability of career opportunities; fun things to do off campus; and good college-community relations.

Know anyone moving here in Washtenaw County?  Share this tool with them so they can use it when they are in town.