3 Signs That It’s Time to Buy a Bigger Home

Homes don’t change, but lifestyles do. The house you bought 5 years ago may have seemed like a great choice at the time, but now, it might not fit your needs. Growing cities, changing jobs, and loss of charm can be simple reasons to move, but there are a few key signs that should convince you it’s time to move into a bigger house.

by Streeter & Associates

1. Arguing over Space – Have you run out of room? Some common examples you’ve probably faced are fighting over the bathroom or feeling the tension of an extra guest sleeping on the couch. If you’re starting to fight over using the television in the living room or general space in the bedrooms, it’s a good sign that you should move into a bigger house. Extra bedrooms will accommodate guests, children, and storage. Extra room means more relaxation.

2. Growing Family – Additions to the family, whether they are children or aging parents, can be a good motivator for upgrading to a larger home. Children’s toys can clutter up rooms and they will fight over limited space. If parents are moving in, then you’ll need room for them and their stuff.

3. Lack of Storage – Stuff can easily clutter a home, and you can easily lose your storage space. Everything will start piling up and you start to notice there’s no longer room to place your things. This is a significant sign that you should upgrade. The added garage room, closets, or attic space can be vital from making you feel cramped in your own home. With extra space, you can feel more at ease.

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