Your Home Sold At A Price Acceptable To You Or I’ll Buy It

Who else has proven “Home Selling System” in Ann Arbor that turns your listing into a GUARANTEED SALE at a price acceptable to you in days instead of weeks or months?

In Ann Arbor, the Kathy Toth and Team’s Home Selling Guarantee Program will lock in your profits within 24 hours of listing your home for sale, eliminate the uncertainty of when your home will sell, and make you the dominant seller on the market which causes your current home to sell faster.

Here’s The Problem

Every month, thousands of homeowners are faced with the stressful dilemma of whether to buy first or sell first. You see, if you buy before selling, you could run the risk of owning two homes. Or, just as bad, if you sell first, you could end up feeling stressed and perhaps rushing into making a buying decision on the wrong home. It’s an extremely anxious position in which to find yourself.

This financial and emotional tightrope is one you usually have to walk alone because most agents have no way of helping you with this predicament.

Here’s The Solution

Call (866) OWN-THIS Ext. 1072, to listen to the program!

The Kathy Toth Home Selling Team has created a unique Home Selling Guarantee Program which solves this dilemma. This program guarantees the sale of your present home before you take possession of your new one.

If your home doesn’t sell, we will buy it from you at a price acceptable to you, ensuring that you are never get caught owning two homes or none at all!

In a market where 37% of homes fail to sell, a guarantee which ensures that your home will sell is critical. Unfortunately, you will find that 99.99% of agents simply cannot make such a guarantee.

Here’s what this offer will do for you:

Eliminate the stress and worry of losing out to competing offers on the home you want to purchase by never having to place a contingent offer again!

You can lock in an upfront guaranteed price and still make additional thousands of dollars in profits from an outside buyer.

Your current home will sell quicker without having to accept a contingent offer from an outside buyer.

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