Wildwood Park Neighborhood

If you are looking for a beautiful Westside Ann Arbor neighborhood to live in then Wildwood Park could be it!

This beautiful community of historic homes were constructed between the 1930’s and 1950’s. The area comprises of just under 300 homes which are nestled around a 4.55 acre park – Maryfield Wildwood Park.

Maryfield Wildwood Park, the park in the Wildwood neighborhood, contains a nicely shaded play area, half basketball court, picnic tables and benches, posts for a volleyball court as well as a water fountain, and a neighborhood backstop with open fields on the western end.

The park also features a wooded ravine with a woodchip trail running through the center that connects to Wildwood Avenue.

This community is perfect for growing families and those who love to restore and enjoy living in a historic/older home.

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Homes in Wildwood Park are nearby to Maple Road Shopping as well as Miller and West Parks. Downtown is conveniently a short bike ride or walk away! Meaning that you can easily access downtown shopping, restaurants as well as the University of Michigan. Also, the Hannah Nature Area is just down the street from Wildwood Park Neighborhood.

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