University_of_michiganFor those attending or working at the University of Michigan, housing is important. No one wants to wake up early and fight traffic just to get to class. They want to be within walking distance of the campus, not only because of the school, but for the activities. The accessibility and simplicity are what make living near the University of Michigan so appealing. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the city lifestyle, where you can try delicious foods at a variety of restaurants and go shopping along classic boulevards. Local residents are super friendly and love meeting up at a coffee shop to grab a hot drink together.

Off-Campus Housing

Ann Arbor has a range of real estate properties to choose from. Mostly located in downtown Ann Arbor, you can find cozy cottages that suit your housing needs or you can find luxury lofts located even closer to the campus grounds. Each loft features modern amenities that keep you in pulse with city culture. You’ll also have spectacular views of the city skyline, making it really easy to brag about your home to your friends. For more information about Ann Arbor lofts and downtown homes, click the button below.

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Things to Do Around the Campus

With the city of Ann Arbor at the university’s back, there are a dozen of activities to try and things to do. First, you’ll feel relaxed by the hometown feel of downtown Ann Arbor. Friends enjoy sitting outside along street-side cafes and enjoying great refreshments. The collection of restaurants and bars around the downtown area create endless experiences for you. And the best part of it all, is that you can walk to almost every entertainment venue in the city.

If you’d like more information about off-campus housing or downtown Ann Arbor, give us a call at (734) 669-0337 or send us an email from our “Contact Us” page.

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