Glennborough Subdivision

Glennborough is a gorgeous subdivision located in a picturesque setting with slopes, plains, woodlands, wetlands and more on the northeastern side of Ann Arbor, in Superior Township.  The developer of Glennborough was Richard A. Russell.

Glennborough contains 126 residences that were constructed between 1993 and 2010 by several builders – including; Toll Brothers, Noir Homes, and Richard Adams Russell Custom Homes.  The upscale homes in Glennborough offer a private, secluded setting and are located on lots between one and five and a half acres. The properties themselves are between 2700 and 7500 square feet.

The interior of the homes naturally vary depending on the builder but generally feature upgraded cabinetry, vaulted ceilings, and many high-end options.

The community has an active homeowners association with fees around $500-$550.  There are a variety of floor plans throughout Glennborough.

Residents will be delighted to hear that children attend popular and acclaimed Ann Arbor Schools.

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