Condo Living in Ann ArborChoosing a real estate property is all about lifestyle. A traditional home doesn’t always fit to someone’s taste, and sometimes they want to live in the city. The vibrancy of city culture, unique shopping, and exquisite restaurants drastically appeals to them. Areas like downtown Ann Arbor strongly fit this description, but real estate in this area isn’t just for university students. They’re also for aging boomers searching for an easy-going and entertaining getaway or for couples looking to constantly have access to activities. And with the appeal of living in Ann Arbor, condos provide a great place to call home while you enjoy all the city amenities.
Benefits of Living in a Condo
Everyone has a different reason for living in a condo, so we’ve listed a few examples of why it’s great:
1. Location – Condos are usually located in downtown Ann Arbor, providing you with the convenience of living in the heart of the city. Excellent restaurants, boutique shops, and the university campus are all within walking distance. There’s no need to sit through traffic anymore or spend all your money on gas. It’s better spent on all the lovely features of Ann Arbor.
2. Amenities – Several condominium complexes offer a greater range of amenities than living in a traditional neighborhood. Some things you might enjoy are a swimming pool, gym, and tennis court.
3. Low Maintenance – Owning a house means constantly repairing broken fixtures, repainting the outside walls, and putting a new finish on back porch – all of which can be backbreaking and tiresome. Owning a condo, however, means you no longer have to shovel snow out of your driveway or fix plumbing issues (someone else will take care of that for you).
4. Affordability – Another benefit to condo living is the cost. Home prices these days are extraordinarily high and often don’t provide as much space per buck. Condos have a wider price range and usually fit within the budget of first-time buyers and couples.
5. Security – Often, condominiums have built-in security features like buzzers or offer guard service. This makes going on vacation a lot less stressful, since you know your property will be protected for your extended stay away.
Downtown Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor has many characteristics that comprise its charming town-home feeling, but none stand out more than the downtown area. With quaint shops and great restaurants around every corner, it’s hard to fit everything into one weekend. Ann Arbor residents love sitting along street-side coffee shops and talking with friends. At night, they enjoy musical performances at local pubs and entertainment venues. Overall, everyone is relaxed and feels at home.
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