Given the vast land mass of Ann Arbor, Michigan, its utilities are provided by various private and city-wide water, gas, sewage and electrical entities. Ann Arbor’s water supply comes from the Huron River, water treated groundwater, reservoirs, wells and water towers, all divided among five water districts. Suppliers of electricity and gas is provided by many different companies, with the main supplier identified below. For a detailed list of utilities in the Ann Arbor area click here. Photo by ellenm1 via Flickr. 


1. DTE Energy Company

DTE Electric and Gas Utilities

The DTE regulated utility companies provides services to over three million residents, industries and businesses in Ann Arbor and the state of Michigan. The DTE Electric output is a result of coal, nuclear fuel, natural gas, hydroelectric pumped storage and other renewable solutions used to produce electricity.

DTE Gas Utility Company

DTE Gas operates 278 storage wells and is one of the largest natural gas utility company, nationwide. It stores, distributes, transmits, purchases and sells natural gas to Ann Arbor and over a million Michigan customers.

Customers are encouraged to call 800 numbers for all Michigan neighborhoods, including Ann Arbor. DTE offers payment options including automatic payment, e-billing, and a budget wise payment program. Contact DTE at 800-477-4747.

2. City of Ann Arbor Water Treatment Unit

The City of Ann Arbor Water Treatment Unit dispenses, treats and monitors the water quality of the Ann Arbor residents. The Huron River supplies 85% of the tap water for Ann Arbor, with the other 15% coming from the many wells located throughout the city. The Water Treatment Unit consists of two technologically advanced water plants, which have been rewarded for their vigilance in supplying quality, health water. Contact the City of Ann Arbor Water Treatment Unit at 734.794.6426.

3. Ann Arbor Wastewater Treatment Service Unit

The Wastewater Treatment Service Unit of Ann Arbor, collects and treats the city’s wastewater. The Wastewater Treatment Service Unit monitors 8 sewage lift stations and the entire operation and maintenance of Ann Arbor’s wastewater treatment system. Contact the City of Ann Arbor Wastewater Treatment at 734.794.6450.

Ann Arbor Varied Utility Systems

Ann Arbor hosts varied utility companies that are unique and extremely serviceable for its residents. One of these unique utility companies is the Guardian Water and Power Company.

4. Guardian Water and Power Company

The  Guardian Water and Power Company is the leader in the Ann Arbor and Michigan sub-metering and utility cost recovery services for multifamily and commercial property owners. Sub-metering is a system which distributes utility costs to individual residents in multi-unit rental properties. The residents are charged through Guardian and not the owners of the rental properties. Costs are based on the actual usage of the multi-unit tenants, through a sub-meter which is installed in each rental unit. Renters can use different payment options, such as e-bills, online payments, and automated payments.  Contact them at 800-444-9283.

The Future for Ann Arbor’s Utilities

The City of Ann Arbor is leading the way for a clean energy future and is cutting its resident’s utility fees. Lowering surcharges for Ann Arbor customers gives the city and the state of Michigan the ability to provide solar, wind and other sources of cleaner and more efficient utilities. Ann Arbor keeps an eagle eye on its interconnected environmental systems. The city is a global leader in developing forward thinking policies, cost-saving quality systems and initiating solutions to protect the natural environment.

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