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Today, we discuss how to get more cash in your pocket when you sell your home. In our experience, getting more money on a home sale comes down to following the 7 C’s of home selling. By focusing on these 7 aspects, your home will show much better and sell for a higher price. Without further ado, here are the 7 C’s:

Curb appeal– Studies show you only have about 9 seconds to impress a prospective buyer when they first see your home, so having a beautiful, colorful front porch and front yard is key to making a good impression.

Clutter– Clutter can make your home seem much smaller than it is to prospective buyers.

Cleanliness– I can not stress this one enough. Your home should be so clean, it looks newly built.

Countertops– Buyers like to see large countertops with a lot of space.

Closets– Just like your counters, you need to clear out your closets to maximize their space.

Color– You might like that lime green bedroom in your home, but potential buyers won’t. Paint in neutral, earth-tone colors.

Critters– We all love our pets, but they can cause odor, stains, and other damage. Get rid of those signs in your home to make everything neutral for the potential buyer.


You have to remember that your house is now an investment you are committed to selling for the most money possible. By following these 7 C’s, you have the chance to get the most important C, Cash!

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