Ann Arbor Public Schools (AAPS) educates approximately 17,000 students in the city of Ann Arbor and across eight adjoining townships. Over 81-percent of the educators in AAPS have Masters Degrees. The budget for the school district is in excess of $180 million.  If you would like more information on schools in Washtenaw county visit:

Ann Arbor Schools

Mission Statement

“The mission of AAPS is to ensure each student realizes his or her aspirations while advancing the common good, by creating a world-class system of innovative teaching, and learning.”

AAPS expresses these philosophical beliefs: 

  • Heritage shapes individual identity
  • All people have the right to learn without limits and reach their full potential a person’s achievement cannot be predetermined
  • We are strongest when working together everyone can make a valuable contribution to society
  • Environmental stewardship is our moral obligation
  • Every person has inherent worth and deserves respect
  • Effective communication increases understanding, fosters relationships, and builds community
  • We first create in ourselves what we seek to create in the world
  • All people deserve to live in a healthy, safe environment
  • Diversity enriches a community
  • Creative expression enhances the quality of life

Ann Arbor Public Elementary Schools

  • Abbot Elementary School
  • Allen Elementary School
  • Angell Elementary School
  • Ann Arbor Open School (K – 8)
  • Bach Elementary School
  • Bryant Elementary School
  • Burns Park Elementary School
  • Carpenter Elementary School
  • Dicken Elementary School
  • Eberwhite Elementary School
  • Haisley Elementary School
  • King Elementary School
  • Lakewood Elementary School
  • Lawton Elementary School
  • Logan Elementary School
  • Mitchell Elementary School
  • Northaide Elementary School
  • Pattengill Elementary School
  • Pittsfield Elementary School
  • Thurston Elementary School
  • Wines Elementary School

Ann Arbor Public Middle Schools

  • Ann Arbor Open School
  • Claque Middle School
  • Forsythe Middle School
  • Scarlett Middle School
  • Slauson Middle School
  • Tappan Middle School

Ann Arbor Public High Schools

  • Community High School
  • Huron High School
  • Pioneer High School
  • Skyline High School

Distinguished Schools in Ann Arbor:

Community High School

  • 401 North Division Street
  • Ann Arbor, MI 48104
  • Phone: (734) 994-2025

Community High School is a magnet school educating students from 8th grade thru 12th grade. This innovation is thought to give eighth graders a head start in adapting to the more rigorous academic environment typically found in high school. In general, all four of Ann Arbor’s public high schools are highly ranked.

Ann Arbor’s schools are, in general, of exceptional quality. ranks AAPS 43rd out of 486 urban school districts. The presence of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor has undoubtedly cultivated a culture of academic excellence that is reflected at all educational levels. To learn more about Ann Arbor schools, visit their website.

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